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Female sexual dysfunctionWhat is female sexual dysfunction?

Libido EnhancerFemale sexual dysfunction is condition in which sexual problems like sexual desire disorder, orgasm disorder, arousal disorder is suffered by patient. Sexual problems arouses because of less testosterone hormone. As level of this hormone goes down the sexual problem arouses. Arousal disorder is the inability to achieve and progress through the stages of normal female arousal. Desire disorder can defined as less interest in sex. Orgasm disorder can be defined as diminished intensity of orgasm, delay or absence of orgasm after normal arousal.

Natural Libido Enhancer

Factors responsible for sexual problem

There are mainly physical and emotional factor which is responsible for sexual problem

Physical factors are like arthritis, hormone and certain disease like diabetes and heart disease. Emotional cause such as stress, depression, and relationship problems can be source for sexual problems. Aging causes can be dryness in vagina and less lubrication. Certain medicines like blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes can create sexual problem.

Knowing the symptoms of sexual dysfunction

Women can understand the sexual dysfunction if they suffers from problem in arousal, problem in orgasm after normal arousal, if they feel low libido or does not have desire in sex or have very little interest in sexual activity. If any of these problems is faced by women then they should consult to doctor.

Natural Libido Enhancer

How to treat sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is a serious problem but one should not worry as it is curable disease. Female sexual dysfunction can be treated with intrinsa patch which contains the testosterone as main ingredient in patch. Testosterone is hormone responsible for sex, as testosterone goes into blood stream through skin women get the libido, interest and pleasure in sexual activity.

female sexual patchesWhere to buy Intrinsa patches online

You can buy Intrinsa online if you have valid prescription from doctor. If you do not have prescription you can get it from online clinic or get from your doctor which will enable you to purchase Intrinsa online. As it is prescribed treatment it is necessary to have prescription before buying. After getting prescription you can order Intrinsa online which generally comes in pack of 2,8,24 patches. For buying Intrinsa online you just have to fill online form which consists of you 1000 r personal details which is never disclosed after placing order you get free delivery.